I'm a twenty-something married woman living in South-East London. In my work life, I'm currently a business manager while in my spare time I cook, garden, play video games, and write.

I started venturing in to cooking when I started university, having chosen self-catered accommodation -- needless to say, my first cooking attempts are never to be repeated (and, as my husband likes to remind me, because of me substituting something I don't have for something I do, which may not necessarily serve the same purpose).

All the recipes here will have been taste-tested by myself, my husband, or both of us -- if it's not good enough to our standards, it won't be published. So you can rest assured that these will be recipes that work.

I am also an experimental cook, adapting recipes to either suit preferences or simply because I make it and then go "now, how would it taste if I added this". I also occasionally derive recipes from those I've eaten at restaurants to suit my own taste and budget.

As I also grow my own fruit and veg, I use it in my cooking as and when I can -- so if an unusual ingredient pops up, it's quite likely I've grown it myself.

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