14 August 2013

Ingredient Pricing

Started work on an ingredient pricing list for use in the future. I know updates have been non-existent and I'm sorry, although I doubt many people are reading this. Life has taken another bad turn but I'm thinking cooking may help me take my mind off things.

When I start posting recipes again I'll be adding price estimates. For some items it'll be estimates rather than an actual price (herbs and spices I'm estimating between 5p and 10p a 'use' unless something asks for a lot of it).

Prices will also be based on a supermarket for two reasons: reason one, despite having reasonable access to a market where I can get fruit and veg cheap, I understand not everyone will have this available to them. Reason two, supermarket prices tend not to vary geographically in the UK so someone from Glasgow could expect to cook something of a reasonably similar price to me.

Prices do not include special offers but may include simpler versions -- if honey in a recipe is simply to give it sweetness I won't bother with stuff like "Spanish lavender" honey and instead get the more typical honey.